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Eliminate your financial mess, eliminate stress . . .

Automate your Bookkeeping to Save you Time

This course teaches you how to easily manage your blog bookkeeping using QuickBooks Online Simple Start. Transactions are automatically brought in and QuickBooks memorizes common vendors and customers. Say goodbye to a manual and time-consuming spreadsheet!

Be in Control of Your Business      

Smart business owners rely on financial data to make sound business decisions. Glean insights from your QuickBooks produced financial reports that help you increase revenue and decrease expenses.

Be Ready Come Tax Time

Imagine spending less than an hour a month on your blog business bookkeeping, and yet be completely ready come tax time. No scrambling to cobble together financial information for your Schedule C. 

Save Money When You Do Your Own Bookkeeping

Sure you could hire a bookkeeper and spend hundreds a month. But to be honest, most small business owners don't need a bookkeeper, they just need a little help getting started on their own! With this course, you will save tons of money by quickly learning how to do your own bookkeeping, and as a result, gain important financial insights into your business.

What you need to know about this bookkeeping course, READ THIS!

  • This course teaches you how to do your blog business bookkeeping with QuickBooks Online Simple Start
  • You will need to sign up for QuickBooks Online Simple Start to get value from this course
  • The course will explain how to sign up for QuickBooks Online Simple Start, you don't have to do this in advance
  • QuickBooks Online Simple Start has a monthly fee of $20, you can cancel anytime

Why QuickBooks Online Simple Start?

  • QuickBooks Online Simple Start is the best online accounting program available
  • It is a robust program, that can grow with you and your business needs. As your business changes and expands, QuickBooks can handle whatever comes your way.
  • It is easy for the everyday person to use. The interface is simple and straightforward.
  • It is a true accounting program, that can produce the accurate results you need. Many online programs are not true accounting which leads to errors.
  • If you hire a tax professional or someday, an accountant, they will thank you for already having QuickBooks up and running!
  • QuickBooks connects to your financial accounts and automatically brings in transactions. Plus it memorizes transactions, drastically reducing your bookkeeping workload to almost nothing.
  • Sure, you could use a spreadsheet, but I know you have big plans for your business. A spreadsheet system will take up more and more of your time. Get automation set up early!

The other important thing before beginning this course . . . 

  • This course is for bloggers who have separate financial accounts for their business. 
  • If you are still mixing your business and personal finances, start by setting up separate business accounts, then come get this course!
  • By having separate financial accounts for your business, you can link those financial accounts to QuickBooks and have your business transactions automatically brought in. If you still have business and personal mixed, it will just be a mess!
  • Separate financial accounts for your business is a good idea whether you take this course or not.
  • By separate financial accounts I mean a separate bank account, and credit card or PayPal account if desired that you use exclusively for business revenue and purchases.

What's included?

24 Videos
10 Texts

Course Curriculum

1 - Hello and Welcome!
10 - Closing Thoughts
Sarah Korhnak
Sarah Korhnak

About the Instructor

Hello, I'm Sarah, your friendly accountant. In 2003 I graduated with a B.S. in accounting and went on to pass the CPA Exam. Since then I have done bookkeeping for several businesses and started several businesses of my own in the online space. I have an intimate knowledge of the new ways creatives do business. I understand how bookkeeping needs to reflect the new methods of business in the online space. I personally have dabbled in podcasting, selling on Amazon, vintage Etsy, handmade Etsy, eBook writing, blogging, owning a service-based business and much more! Through the years I have helped photographers, Etsy shop owners, bloggers, online product sellers and more learn how to do their own bookkeeping. You can rely not only on my accounting background but on my knowledge of the online space to help you quickly and easily get a handle on your bookkeeping once and for all!

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